Winter Warmth and Modesty

It’s been a little while since I have written a post. I have had a few stories floating around in my head. Not sure exactly how to put my thoughts into words yet, but it is coming. However, today is just different. I am kind of the mood to talk. To expose myself and how simple life really is. And giggle. A good giggle is always good for the soul. 

It has been an extremely cold fall here in the Old Dominion. So much rain, I question if I am truly in Virginia or in the Pacific Northwest. And today we were hammered with snow. A lot of snow. Don’t get me wrong: snow is beautiful. There is something peaceful about seeing everything covered with snow, it gives a sense of stillness. Being in it is something totally different for me. Maybe it is because I physically suffer in the colder season. I have most of my adult life. It is called SAD or Sun Affective Disorder. In a nutshell because we do not produce Vitamin D naturally, we must have an external intake of it. The best way is through our skin from the sun. In the colder months we generally bundle up limiting the amount of skin that is exposed to the sun. Those of us with a darker skin pigment, such as myself because I am of American Indian decent, are more likely to be affected. One major symptom for me is staying warm, which is the whole point of this post. 

I recently bit the bullet and bought my first pair of leggings as an adult. There you have it: the confession of the last woman in America to buy a pair of leggings. Okay, so that part is extreme, but you get my point. I have put off buying them because I am a fluffy girl. My self confidence in my appearance has choked me since I was a child. We can save that for another day, I gotta tell you about my leggings! 

I bought them mostly to wear under my maxi skirts for church service though I have yet to do so. I have wore my nice jeans and my boots. Some will gasp for air at the thought of a woman wearing jeans to church and mumble She is such a rebel! under your breathe; other may celebrate with a datta girl! and fist bump me. Regardless of what you may believe as far as modesty is concerned: I am struggling staying warm. When I get cold, I stay cold. For a long time. Like a day or two. No lie. Hot showers and heavy blankets sometimes just don’t cut it. 

I have been staring at the leggings for a week or so as they sat on my desk. I was feeling horrible about wearing them. I don’t have the body to wear these things! But they look so warm!  I couldn’t take it anymore. The feeling of being cold was making me miserable so finally, I grabbed them and slide into them. 

Oh. My. Soul! They felt so soft and they were so warm… And I look good in them. Like for a moment I felt like a model ready to strut my fluffy body with a Hey! That’s right! Girl likes nice in her leggings! Don’t hate! 

When I snapped back into my shell (and reality because for real, I am not a model!) the thought of modesty came to me. Are leggings modest?

Now, before we pick sides of the argument or destroy your relationships because of your convictions and fight till the death over leggings, let me tell you a story. 

About 7 years ago, I was in a personal battle about what exactly is modesty. It wasn’t just personal it was also with a few well meaning ladies who didn’t agree with me. Not going there, okay? It’s over and isn’t the main part anyway.  I worked in the building material industry since I was 20 years old. Here I am, now in my 30’s and jeans and work boots or tennis shoes were and still are a part of me. Skirt make me uncomfortable and don’t even get me started about pantyhose! I think the devil may have designed them himself as a torture device for fluffy women. Not today, Satan, not these thighs

Back to the story: so I was really struggling and I was talking to one of my most beloved Sisters in Christ about my issue. I must have been rambling when she turned and looked at me with the most serious and sincere look on her face, she spoke these words that snapped me into reality and I pray I never forget them:

Wendy, this is how I define modesty: Modesty is covering my nakedness.

That was it. So simple yet so deep and complex. My life has forever been changed. Every battle I have had about modesty with myself, my daughter, other women in my life, and even those lovely ladies I was battling, nothing matter after that. Best answer ever. 

So what does this have to do with my leggings? Well, a lot actually. In my moment of feeling like a hottie or maybe it was the fact that my blood began to feel warm as it flowed from my legs causing a moment of mental misjudgement, the thought hit me: will I wear them out of the house? And the answer is yes. I will wear my leggings in public……

Under my jeans or skirt

Agree with me or not: but leggings are supposed to be forming to a person’s body and though it does cover my nakedness it also shows way too much of my flaws which is my nakedness…. And I will do the world a huge favor and not expose them to that.

Promise and you are welcome.

However! If I do seem like a I have a little sass in my walk, there is a chance that I have my leggings on under my jeans. And this girl, from the inside, feels pretty and is warm and that makes her happy.  

I really hope you got a giggle out of my experience. I pray that someone reading this post who is struggling with modesty sees things a little differently. To the person who believes they have modesty down packed and has been turning their nose up at someone for their clothing: may you look past the outfit and see a friend, a sister in your life. Don’t destroy a sisterhood over jeans or dresses, to the knee or to the floor: the skirt isn’t the important part of the person: it is their heart and that heart may just be the heart you have been needing in your life. 

A moment in my sanity. Just thought I would share! If it made your smile or even opened your eyes, share this with a friend.

Love always,

Wendy Lu

Published by

Wendy Lu

I am a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I mother of two beautiful children of whom I home school. I love to crochet, cook, and tell stories.

3 thoughts on “Winter Warmth and Modesty”

  1. Being cold in no joke. In fact years ago, I was “being modest” by only wearing skirts and I for frost bite on my leg because it wasn’t properly covered.
    Thank you for sharing. Women are so good at tearing one another down. But if we let a God lead us in modesty then the should be no issues.
    Great post! And thanks for the giggles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frost bite?!?!?! Oh no! I can’t even imagine. I am glad you giggled this morning. And you’re right: we destroy each other when we know we should be lifting each other up.


  2. I can relate but my reason behind it is twofold: First, habit. I grew up in the tropics where we only have the wet/rainy and dry seasons and I wear sandals or flip flops all year long. Second, it could be sensory. I don’t like the feel of it too close to my skin. If you see me wearing one, know that I’m either uncomfortable or I don’t have much of a choice😉😊


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